01) Multi-vendor IOT for 5G NSA with O-RAN’s Open X2 profile and O-RAN Open Fronthaul interface

Companies Participating
in this Scenario






Device Under Test

  • Combined CU/DU [NR] provided by Fujitsu and NEC/Samsung
  • O-RU [NR] provided by Fujitsu and NEC
  • FHM [NR] provided by NEC
  • eNB [LTE] provided by Fujitsu, NEC and Nokia
  • Open fronthaul between
  • Combined CU/DU [NR] and O-RU [NR]
  • Combined CU/DU [NR] and FHM [NR]
  • FHM [NR] and O-RU [NR]
  • Open X2 between
  • Combined CU/DU [NR] and eNB [LTE]

Test scenarios introduction

NTT DOCOMO with partner vendors have successfully achieved multi-vendor interoperability with O-RAN Open Fronthaul and Open X2 interfaces. DOCOMO has been deploying the equipment in its commercial 5G network since September 2019.

At the second global O-RAN ALLIANCE plugfest held in 2020, we have continued with multi-vendor interoperability testing with:

New equipment, e.g. Radio Units (RU) for macro cell and Fronthaul Multiplexer (FHM)

New vendors, e.g. CU/DU from NEC and Samsung

New capabilities, e.g. mmWave and inter-band Carrier Aggregation (CA)

Testing Results/Summary

Successful conclusion of the testing allows widening the commercial O-RAN product ecosystem.

Benefits for the Industry

  • DOCOMO with partner vendors will continue driving open RAN to provide 5G services to our customers in a flexible, high-performing and cost-efficient way.