03) SoftBank's vision and approach to the ecosystem, and full containerized vRAN Pre-Commercial PoC using O-RU

Companies Participating
in this Scenario




Device Under Test

  • O-CU and O-DU provided by Mavenir
  • O-RU provided by NEC

Test scenarios introduction

SoftBank pre-commercial Proof of Concept uses Mavenir O-CU, O-DU and NEC O-RU. The testing focused on interoperability of the components over the O-RAN Open Fronthaul interface.

At the same time, in order to provide various use cases in a private environment, we have adopted virtualization as a solution with a low footprint for users and easy installation.

Testing Results/Summary

The interoperability between Mavenir O-CU/O-DU and NEC O-RU has been successfully achieved. It has been confirmed by the performance measurements made in Softbank lab and an Over The Air connectivity check.

Benefits for the Industry

  • In virtualization, we are considering future URLLC support by providing the solution as a full container type, and we are also considering support for O-Cloud in the future.