05) Introduction of Kyocera O-RU and Connection Demonstrations between Kyocera O-RU and Keysight Technologies O-DU Emulator

Companies Participating
in this Scenario

Kyocera Corporation

Keysight Technologies


Device Under Test

  • Kyocera Corporation: O-RU, Connection Demonstration
  • Keysight Technologies: O-DU Emulator, Signal Analyzer

Test scenarios introduction

The configuration of these demonstrations is to connect devices from different vendors, namely the Keysight Technologies O-DU Emulator and the Kyocera O-RU, via O-RAN Fronthaul Interface, and to use a Keysight Technologies Signal Analyzer to confirm that signal images generated in the O-DU are output correctly from O-RU to the RF.

Testing Results/Summary

Through the demonstrations, based on input from the O-DU Emulator, the O-RU generates RF output that was monitored by the Signal Analyzer, we could confirm the connection between devices from different vendors via the O-RAN Fronthaul Interface.

Benefits for the Industry

  • As a member of the O-RAN ALLIANCE, Kyocera will continue to work in partnership and collaboration with the other member companies as we endeavor help to promote the development and widespread adoption of the O-RAN ecosystem.