04) Sub-system testing of JMA Wireless
O-DU/O-CU with MTI mobile O-RU

Companies Participating
in this Scenario

JMA Wireless provided O-DU/O-CU

MTI mobile provided O-RU

Keysight provided N9020B MXA X-Series Signal Analyzer, EXG X-Series Signal Generator


Testbed setup

The connection details of the hardware in the lab are in the network topology diagram below.


Device Under Test
JMA Wireless O-CU/O-DU

  • Dual Connectivity to 5G NR (EN-DC):
    X2 interface procedures between eNB and gNB (JMA or third party)
  • CMAS: Commercial Mobile Alert System for LTE, equivalent to Cell Broadcasting Service in 2G and 3G
  • O-RAN 7-2x: Open fronthaul option for 4G (Lab test/PoC)
  • 5CA MIMO 4x4: to support up to 20 layers in downlink
  • NB-IoT: stand-alone, in-band, guard-band

Test scenarios introduction

  • Scenarios S-Plane

O-DU + O-RU using
ITU-T G.8275.1 profile (LLS-C3)

The purpose of this test validates that both the O-DU and O-RU are synchronizing
from a common PRTC with the ITU-T G.8275.1 profile.

O-DU using
ITU-T G.8275.1 profile (LLS-C3)

The purpose of this to validate that JMA O-DU is correctly synchronized to a timing reference delivering PTP using
the ITU-T G.8275.1 profile and that the O-DU correctly collects the status based on the nominal synchronization

  • Scenarios C/U-Plane

O-RU Scenario Class Beamforming
3GPP DL – No Beamforming

The purpose of this test is to ensure the radio can transmit a basic 3GPP test frame with no beamforming (beamId=0x000) and with one spatial stream (single eAxC). This test focuses on the downlink.

O-RU Scenario Class Base 3GPP DL

The purpose of this test is to ensure the radio can transmit a basic 3GPP test frame using the default parameters.

Testing Results/Summary

IIn the tests, JMA O-DU is running as Slave Clock. A PTP Master Clock device connects to JMA O-DU and generates the stimulus for the O-DU (DUT) and O-RU. Based on the fronthaul pcap captures and the logs collected from O-DU/O-RU, the retrieved PTP status of the O-DU, and the O-RU are as per O-RAN standards.

In the tests, the JMA O-DU transmitted O-RAN-compliant C/U plane messages. Based on the fronthaul captures and the screenshot of the Keysight VSA output, the Radio KPIs (EVM, Frequency Error, etc.) measured are inline with both O-RAN and 3GPP specifications.

Benefits for the Industry

  • Validated LLS-C3 synchronization via the ITU-T G.8275.1 profile in the JMA O-DU solution.
  • Validated 10Gbps fiber physical connection in the case of O-RAN Front haul 7-2x split (CAT A).