09) Sub-system functional testing
of Fujitsu 5G NR O-RU with VIAVI
O-DU emulator

Companies Participating
in this Scenario

Fujitsu provided 5G NR O-RU.

VIAVI Solutions provided the NR O-DU emulator


Testbed setup

The connection details of the hardware in the lab are in the network topology diagram below.


Device Under Test
Fujitsu 5G NR O-RU

  • Radio: 5G NR TDD
  • Model: Fujitsu n78 RU
  • Antenna: 4TRX
  • Output power: NA
  • Management plane: Netconf/YANG (M-plane is supported)
  • Fronthaul Interface: O-RAN 7-2x split (Cat A)
  • External Interface: 25Gbps SFP
  • Channel Bandwidth: 100MHz; SCS: 30kHz
  • Frequency bands: n78 (FR1)
  • Frequency Synchronization: NA
  • Dimensions: NA

Test scenarios introduction

  • Scenarios S-Plane

Transport and Handshake
in IPv4 Environment (positive case)

This test validates that the O-RU properly executes the session establishment procedure with VLANs
and a DHCPv4 server. This test is applicable to IPv4 environments.

Subscription to Notifications

This test validates that the O-RU properly handles a NETCONF subscription to notifications.

M-Plane connection
supervision (positive case)

This test validates that the O-RU manages the connection supervision process correctly.

O-RU configurability
test (positive case)

This test validates eAxC configuration and validation. The test scenario is intentionally limited in scope to be applicable to any O-RU hardware design.

Testing Results/Summary

In this test, Fujitsu O-RU connects to VIAVI O-DU emulator in LLS-C1 synchronization topology via 25GE SFP28 fiber. For the M-plane (management) test, Fujitsu O-RU works as NETCONF server, and VIAVI O-DU emulator works as Netconf client. Both Fujitsu O-RU and VIAVI O-DU emulator get the dynamical IP address via the DHCP protocol.

Based on the pcap traces from Fujitsu O-RU and the logs from Fujitsu O-RU and VIAVI O-DU emulator, all 4 test cases were successfully finished following the O-RAN specifications.

Benefits for the Industry

  • The integrated 25Gbps fiber physical (SFP28) connection in the case of O-RAN Open fronthaul 7-2x split
  • The validated single-vendor O-RU solution with the emulators.
  • The validated Netconf solution with VIAVI emulator and Fujitsu O-RU
  • The validated remote configuration with Fujitsu O-RU in the Berlin lab
  • The established connection to ONAP based management system