11) Sub-system testing of Delta O-RU
with Delta O-DU emulator

Companies Participating
in this Scenario

Delta Electronics provided mmWave O-RU and O-DU emulator

Keysight provided N9040B UXA Signal Analyzer


Testbed setup

The connection details of the hardware in the lab are in the network topology diagram below.


Device Under Test
Delta mmWave O-RU in 28GHz

  • Spectrum: 100MHz (200 MHz capable)
  • Radio Range: 1.6 Km (LoS )
  • Antenna: Phased Array Antenna in 32 elements
  • (under the RF/antenna design which is for 128 elements)
  • IP65
  • Support IEEE1588
  • Frequency: 28GHz

Test scenarios introduction

  • Scenarios C/U Plane

O-RU Scenario Class Beamforming
3GPP DL - No Beamforming

The purpose of this test is to ensure the Delta O-RU can transmit a basic 3GPP test frame with
standard 3GPP NR-FR2-TM1.1/TM2.0/TM3.1 in TDD with the beam fixed at 0 degrees. This test
focuses on the downlink.

O-RU Scenario Class Base 3GPP DL

The purpose of this test is to ensure the Delta O-RU transition be able to meet the downlink requirements
of O-RAN front haul. With the standard 3GPP NR-FR2-TM1.1/TM2.0/TM3.1 test frame for TDD, the O-DU
emulator generates C-Plane and U-Plane messages that instruct the O-RU to transmit on the downlink
the standard NR-FR2-TM1.1/TM2.0/TM3.1 signal.

Testing Results/Summary

In the tests, the Delta O-RU transmitted O-RAN-complying C/U plane messages from Delta O-DU emulator,
where the standard NR-FR2-TM1.1/TM2.0/TM3.1 signal is then transmitted in mmWave over the air to the
instrument signal analyzer. Based on the FH captures of Delta O-RU and the screenshot of the Keysight VSA
output, the Radio KPIs (EVM, Frequency Error, etc.) measured are inline with both O-RAN and 3GPP

Benefits for the Industry

  • 25Gbps front haul fiber physical connection validated in the case of O-RAN fronthaul 7-2x split (CAT A).
  • The isolated signal-vendor O-RU solution validated.