01) Altiostar NR O-DU interworking with NEC NR O-RU (n77 32T32R massive MIMO) and E2E Performance testing in an ENDC Setup

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Testbed setup

The connection details of the hardware in the lab are in the network topology diagram below.


Device Under Test

  • B3 LTE Radio which is acting as LTE Anchor Node
  • NEC Radio which supports 32T32R nMIMO acting as the secondary Node.
  • Altiostar O-DU & O-CU Running on Intel Cascade Processor with FPGA Acceleration
  • VIAVI TM500 Test Mobile used as User Equipment
  • NG4T EPC Simulator

Test scenarios introduction

The following key aspects will be shown in this demonstration.

Altiostar and NEC teamed up to demonstrate the world’s first fully virtualized interoperability testing and integration of O-RU and O-DU running on COTS servers for commercial end-to-end conformance to O-RAN standard Open Front haul Specifications, comprised of control, user, synchronization and management plane protocols (i.e. including 3GPP RCT and performance cases).

The purpose and scope of this demonstration is to show O-RAN option 7.2x split integration between an O-DU from Altiostar and an NR O-RU from NEC.

  • Explanation of the various elements in the setup
  • Demonstration of CUS plane and M plane messages based on O-RAN WG4 specifications
  • Radio carrier activation and showing that cell goes operational
  • UE attach to a EUTRA carrier and subsequent addition of NR as secondary RAT
  • Downlink and Uplink throughput
  • Compliance results to 3GPP RCT test cases in the integrated setup.

Testing Results/Summary

  • Successfully ENDC Attach (LTE+NR) for Multiple Users.
  • Confirmation that the CUS-plane and M-plane messages are based on O-RAN WG4 specifications.
  • Successful peak Bi-Directional Uplink and Downlink Traffic on Multiple Users.
  • Packets received on O-RU from O-DU are on time under all scenarios.
  • Compliance results to 3GPP RCT test cases in the integrated setup
Test Categories Number of TC's Executed Not Executed PASS FAIL
E2E Performance 2 2   2  
Adherence to O-RAN Specifications 2 2   2  
RCT 36 28 8 28  
TOTAL 40 32 8 32  

Benefits for the Industry

  • Today’s 4G and 5G radio access networks are undergoing a profound transformation, as the wireless industry is shifting to an open and cloud-native architecture that is being driven by vendors such as Altiostar and NEC who are at the forefront of providing software and radio solutions based on O-RAN specifications.
  • Dozens of greenfield and brownfield wireless operators worldwide are trialing and deploying O-RAN based networks as they realize the benefits of this new approach, including reduced costs, increased automation, and faster time to market with services.